Honeywell 30-2021-24


Ultraviolet flame detector, 24 VDC, in a general-purpose-type enclosure intended for indoor use

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Brand: Honeywell Part #: 40944 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: 30-2021-24


The Pyrotector Model 30-2021-24 and Model 30-2021E-24 Ultraviolet (UV) Flame Detectors are highly sensitive to the ultraviolet radiation given off by all types of flames, including those produced by flammable liquids and gases. Since the detector does not respond to normal ambient light conditions such as sunlight, incandescent or fluorescent lighting, it is ideally suited for use as a flame detector in a variety of areas. The Pyrotector Ultraviolet Flame Detector is a compact unitized package consisting of a detection tube, encapsulated solid state electronic circuitry, and a dry-contact Form-C (SPDT) alarm relay. In the event of an alarm, the relay latches on and an alarm light is illuminated for easy identification of the unit in the alarm state. The relay is reset by momentarily interrupting power to the unit. A three-second time delay is built in to minimize false alarms cause by the presence of sparks, lightning, etc.


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Dimensions 4.09 in






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  • Model 30-2021-24 is contained in a general purpose enclosure and is intended for indoor use only. It mounts on a standard 4″ (10.16 cm) octagonal electrical junction box (not included).
  • Model 30-2021E-24 is intended for indoor use and is contained in an explosion-proof enclosure that meets all requirements for NEC Class I Groups C and D; Class II Groups E, F, and G; and Class III hazardous locations.
  • Both models operate on 24 VDC.

30-2021-24 & 30-2021E-24; Ultraviolet Flame Detectors

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