Honeywell DT8050ASN


V-Plex Dual Tec Motion Sensor

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The next generation of V-Plex PIR and Microwave motion sensors, based on the award-winning DT8000 series, features simple installation, superior detection, and minimal false alarms. The sensors are compatible with VISTA® control panels that support V-Plex devices, using two-wire loop technology to save you time and money. By using two wires instead of four, V-Plex offers significant advantages over peer-to-peer wiring or the conventional four-wire multiplex. For example, since each sensor can be installed using only two wires for both power and data, you spend less money on wiring. V-Plex devices also draw minimal amounts of current, therefore requiring fewer auxiliary power supplies. The DT8050A-SN mounting screw pre-drill collars and retention features, removable connector blocks for easy access, and patented flashlight walk test make installation fast, reducing labor costs and enabling you to move on to the next job quicker.

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  • High Detection Coverage
  • Mirror Optics
  • Removable Terminal Strip
  • Digital Adaptive Microwave Thresholds
  • Superior IR Anti-Mask Protection
  • PIR White Light Immunity
  • Selectable Look-Down Zone
  • Flashlight Walk Test
  • Advanced DualCore Signal Processing (DUAL TEC)
  • Global Compliance


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V-Plex Dual Tec Motion Sensor with Anti-Mask; DT8050A-SN


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