Kidde-Fenwal 06-220023-001


Releasing-Circuit Device In-Line (Class B Wiring)

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The Remote Releasing Module (RRM) is a SmartOne® field device connected to the SLC of compatible control unit to provide the ability to remotely activate extinguishing-system control devices. The control unit’s SLC supports a maximum of 64 RRMs. Up to 16 RRMs can be configured for simultaneous group activation, with a maximum of 4 groups. Release circuits are power-limited and supervised for short circuit by using an In-line Releasing-Circuit Device. In the event of a ground fault, open, short or a relay contact failure, the device will transmit a trouble status to the compatible control unit.





  • Up to 64 RRMs Per Signaling Line Circuit
  • Supports Both Gaseous and Pre-Action/Deluge Sprinkler Systems
  • Triple R Protection Against Inadvertent Extinguishing-System Activation
  • Versatile Mounting Configurations
  • Internal Communication and External Power Supervision
  • UL Listed
  • FM Approved
  • CSFM Approved


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