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The ARIES®-SLX is an intelligent, addressable, single loop Fire Alarm-Suppression control unit that supports Kidde Fire Systems’ wide array of suppression products and is backward-compatible with legacy Kidde, Fenwal, Chemetron and Marrioff agent release devices including control heads and initiators. It is compact, networkable and supports both simple and complex programming for the demanding operational requirements of single- and multi-hazard fire suppression applications. The unit provides one signaling line circuit, two notification-appliance circuits, two releasing circuits, and two combo circuits that are user-configurable for NAC, or release to actuate one solenoid valve for control of a special extinguishing system or a pre-action/deluge sprinkler system. The unit has four on-board relays, a 5.4 amp filtered and regulated power supply, and provides charging for batteries up to 70 AH. The ARIES-SLX annunciates alarm, trouble, and supervisory events via an 80-character, backlit LCD display with integral status LEDs. Event acknowledgment, alarm silence, and system reset are accomplished with dedicated control keys. Basic user and maintenance operations such as viewing history or isolation commands to initiating points and system outputs are performed via the control keys and associated digit keys. A security password prevents unauthorized access to the system.








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  • “Triple R” safeguards substantially reduce the risk of inadvertent activation caused by microprocessor failure
  • 1 SLC supports up to 255 SmartOne® addressable devices
  • 6 output circuits – 2 NACs, 2 release, 2 NAC/release
  • 3 Programmable and 1 Trouble Form-C relays
  • 2 auxiliary power outputs, 1 amp each
  • Remote release modules (RRM) supported on SLC, up to 66 for standalone control unit, 1000+ for large networks (limitations apply)
  • 32 network node capacity (up to 8,160 addresses)
  • Can be networked with other legacy Chemetron Fire Systems

and Fenwal Protection Systems single loop control units

  • Control for wide array of fire suppression systems:

– Kidde® ECS™ Clean Agent

– Kidde® ADS™ Clean Agent

– Kidde® Inert Gases

– Kidde® HP CO2

– Kidde® LP CO2

– Kidde® WHDR™ Wet Chemical

– Kidde® IND™ Dry Chemical

– Marioff® HI-FOG® Water Mist

  • Suppression systems by others:

– Sprinkler Supervisory

– Deluge/Pre-action

– Foam and Foam/Water

  • 120/240V, 50/60 Hz AC input
  • 5.4 A Power Supply Unit
  • Charging capacity of 70 AH
  • Easy to service, advanced diagnostics

– 80-Character (2 X 40) LCD Display

– Flexible programming

– Event log

– Internet connectivity with e-mail notification

  • Spurt and Squirt functions
  • Modbus TCP/IP compatibility
  • Backwards compatible with installed investment

– SmartOne SLC devices & protocol

– Kidde®, Fenwal® and Chemetron® Control Heads and


– Fenwal Initiators

– Remote display and output driver (LED & Relay) modules

  • UL Listed to ANSI 864, 10th edition
  • FM Approved
  • California State Fire Marshal

Intelligent Single-Loop Fire Alarm-Suppression Control Unit


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