Kidde-Fenwal 87-120099-002


XV Control System Incl (1) 87-120042-001 Sva

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Brand: Kidde-Fenwal Part #: 71750 Category: Manufacturer Part #: 87-120099-002


The Kidde XV Control System is a compact, versatile unit used to actuate agent cylinders on Kidde WHDR and IND Pre-Engineered fire suppression systems. The control head can be operated via:

  • Two Distinct Automatic Mechanical Detection Lines (fusible links or thermo-bulb links)
  • Optional Electrical Solenoid
  • Remote or Local Manual Mechanical Control

Upon actuation, the XV Control System discharges the nitrogen System Cartridge, pressurizing the actuation lines and System Valve Actuators (SVA) mounted on the cylinder valve(s). The SVA(s) open the cylinder valve(s), discharging the WHDR wet chemical or IND dry chemical suppression agent. The XV can be mounted on a wall or directly to an SVA mounted on the cylinder. The XV Control System is UL and ULC Listed with WHDR Wet Chemical and IND Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems. The XV is FM approved with the IND Dry Chemical Systems. The XV comes ready to install, with three EMT connectors, one System Valve Actuator (SVA), two micro-switches, one nitrogen System Cartridge, and one nitrogen test cartridge.





  • For Use in:
  • WHDR™ Commercial Cooking Fire Suppression Systems
  • IND™ Industrial Fire Suppression Systems
  • Pneumatic Release of up to 20 Agent Cylinders
  • Two Discrete Mechanical Detection Lines
  • Cylinder or Wall Mount
  • Up to 400 ft. Mechanical Detection Cable
  • Operates 2 Gas Valves
  • Available 24 V Electrical Actuation
  • Multiple Remote Release Options
  • Rugged, Die-Cast Aluminum Body
  • Tamper/Lock Port for Cover
  • Easy to Install and Maintain
  • UL & ULC Listed
  • FM Approved for IND Systems


Kidde XV Control System
Kidde – Data Sheet