Mircom CZ-6


Six-Input Universal Addressable Zone Module

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Manufacturer Part #: CZ-6


The 500 Series multiple input and output modules are designed to meet a range of applications in which numerous single modules are used. This design allows for installation ease and time savings. The monitor and control modules can be used to supervise and activate sounders, strobes, door closers, pull stations, water-flow switches, conventional smoke detectors and more. The conventional zone interface module is ideal for retrofit applications to monitor zones of conventional two-wire detectors. Each module has its own address. Modules are addressed with easy-to-use rotary code switches. Provisions are included for disabling unused addresses. Up to two modules mount in a BB-2 enclosure with built-in chassis and up to six modules mount in a BB-6 enclosure with the CH-6 chassis. Wiring terminals are easily accessible for trouble-shooting purposes.

The CZ-6 Six Zone Interface module provides an interface between the intelligent alarm system and a two-wire conventional detection zone. A common SLC input is used for all modules, and the initiating device circuits share a common external supply. Otherwise, each module operates independently from the others. The first module is addressed from 01 to 94 while the remaining modules are assigned to the next five higher addresses. Provisions are included for disabling a maximum of two unused modules. All two-wire detectors being monitored must be two-wire compatibility listed with the modules. The CZ-6 transmits the status of a zone of two-wire detectors to the fi re alarm control panel. Status conditions are reported as normal, open or alarm. The interface module supervises the zone of detectors and the connection of the external power supply.

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  • Removable 12-18 AWG plug-in terminal blocks
  • Individual LED indicators
  • Unused addresses may be disabled
  • Rotary address switches
  • Class A or B operation
  • Mount up to 2 modules in BB-2 enclosure (optional)
  • Mount up to six modules in BB-6 enclosure with CH-6 chassis (optional)
  • Mounting hardware included


Multiple Input and Output Modules; 500 Series
Mircom – Data Sheet


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