Mircom FH-100A


Handset Portable Plug-In for FJ-100

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Condition: New
Brand: Mircom
Status: Active
SKU: 71788
Manufacturer Part #: FH-100A


Mircom’s Fire Fighter Telephones are designed to operate in conjunction with Mircom’s QX-5000 Series Emergency Zoned Audio System. These telephone handsets are permanently installed throughout a building to allow Fire Fighters easy communication with the main control panel. The Fire Fighter telephone stations provide a handset behind a locked door. Equipped with a “break glass” feature, the unit can be accessed by unlocking the door or breaking the glass section. The breakable glass section clearly indicates “To open use key or break glass” in order to access the unit.

In addition to the Fire Fighter telephone stations, Mircom provides portable Fire Fighter telephone handsets which plug-in to permanently installed telephone jacks throughout the building. Plugging in the portable handset allows the Fire Fighters to communicate with the main control panel. As with the permanently installed telephones, these portable handsets are made from durable ABS plastic and come equipped with a coiled cord and a male phone plug which plugs into the Fire Fighters’ telephone jack. In addition, an optional handset storage cabinet is available to store up to six portable handsets. An optional flush trim ring is available for the storage cabinet.

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Weight 1 lbs



Production Status



  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Red finish
  • Flush or surface mount
  • Key-locked door
  • Break glass insert
  • Rugged ABS plastic handset with coiled cord
  • Portable handsets and telephone jacks (optional)
  • Optional storage cabinet for portable handsets
  • Bilingual French/English Markings on Canadian models
  • Supervised wiring


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