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Horn-Strobe Red Ceiling Mount

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Mircom’s FHS-400C Series ceiling mount horn/ strobes offer an audible/visual solution that delivers exceptional energy efficiency in a compact design. Utilizing advanced LED technology, the FHS-400C Series LED horn/strobes provide a lower current draw which allows for more devices on a NAC circuit while reducing the number of external power supplies required. The FHS-400C Series horn/strobes offer a wide range of audible/visual settings in a single compact device. The audible settings include Temporal, Continuous, March Time and 20 BPM tones that can each be set for Low or High volume settings. The candela settings can be field-configured for 15, 15/75, 30, 75, 110 cd. The candela setting is displayed through the front window for easy identification All device settings are located on the back of the unit to prevent tampering. The FHS-400C Series horn/strobes can be synchronized using a control panel with the Mircom sync protocol or the SDM-240 synchronization module. The FHS-400C Series notification appliances utilize a universal mounting plate that allows for mounting to a single gang, double gang, octagon, 4” junction or 4” square electrical box. The back plate allows the installer to mount the plate and connect the wire connections. The device attaches to the mounting plate and is secured by a single mounting screw. In addition, the FHS-400C can mount to the Mircom BB-400 back box for surface mount applications

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  • Compact Design
  • Advanced LED technology provides superior current draw performance
  • Lower power consumption per device allows for more notification appliances per circuit and reduces the need for external power supplies
  • Standard and High candela settings in one unit to meet virtually any application

– 15, 15/75, 30, 75, 110 cd

  • Multiple field-selectable audible settings

– Temporal, Continuous, March Time and 20 BPM audible tones

– High and Low volume settings

  • Red or white finish
  • Device settings are located on the back of the unit to prevent tampering
  • Includes shorting clip that allows installers to test the wiring before the device is installed
  • Supports 12 to 22 AWG
  • Mount to Mircom BB-400 surface mount back box, single gang, 4-inch square, double gang, octagon and 4-inch junction boxes
  • All units include universal mounting plate
  • For indoor applications


Ceiling Mount LED Horn/Strobes; FHS-400C Series
Mircom – Data Sheet


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