Mircom FX-2003-12NXTDS


Network Compact Main Control Unit (12 Amp)

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Manufacturer Part #: FX-2003-12NXTDS


Mircom’s FleX-Net Series is a powerful intelligent networkable fire alarm solution designed with many levels of flexibility to meet virtually any application of detection, control, notification and emergency communications. Features such as fire detection & alarm, audio/voice evacuation, BACnet, Boolean logic, networking and graphical work stations allow this modular solution to accommodate the simplest systems up to the most complex solutions

With the addition of the Advance Protocol (AP), Fire/CO detection and 520 Hz support on both the addressable loop and through the audio/voice evacuation, Mircom’s FleX-Net is poised to take you even farther into the future with expanded capabilities.

Designed for peer-to-peer network communications, the FX-2003-12NXTDS allows for a maximum of 63 nodes, while providing reliability, flexibility and expandability.

Each base panel consists of one intelligent signaling line circuit (SLC) capable of supporting 159 analog Sensors and 159 addressable modules. In addition the base panel includes Four Style Z/Y (Class A/B) Notification Appliance Circuits and an easy to read and use, large 4 x 20 back-lit alphanumeric LCD display.

The network configuration allows the FX-2003-12NXTDS control panel to be connected to a Mircom network to provide additional input circuits, visual zones, programmable notification appliance circuits, and relays. The network interface module allows the panels to communicate on a peer-to-peer network via a Proprietary Arcnet Network Communications protocol.

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Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 5.75 × 17.00 × 28.00 in

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  • 1 SLC loop expandable up to 21
  • Each SLC Loop is capable of supporting 159 Analog Sensors and 159 Addressable Modules which can be wired in Style 6 or 7 (Class A) or Style 4 (Class B)
  • Four Style Z/Y (Class A/B) Notification Appliance Circuits rated at 1.7 Amps each
  • System has the ability to mix CLIP and AP devices on the same loop
  • Large easy to use and readable 4 by 20 character Back-lit LCD Display
  • English, French, Arabic* and Hebrew* language support (*supported by RAXN-LCDG Annunciator in place of main display)
  • Correlatable Switch Inputs which allow for multi- functional outputs
  • Four Status Queues for Alarm, Supervisory, Trouble and Monitor
  • Auxiliary relay contacts for Common Alarm, Supervisory and Trouble
  • Group bypass with built-in false alarm prevention technology
  • RS-232 output for remote system printer or CRT
  • Two Event History Logs; 6000 event alarm history log and a 6000 event log for all events
  • Supports 3 configuration files with “hot swap” support
  • Conventional Hardwire Adder Module expandability
  • Built-in Walk Test operation
  • Canadian Two Stage operation
  • Provision for two programmable modules
  • Configurable for Coded Operation
  • Intelligent Smoke Detector sensitivity levels
  • 3D graphical monitoring and control using Mircom’s Open Graphic Navigator
  • BACnet support
  • Advanced (Boolean) logic functions
  • Built-in Ethernet port
  • Remote diagnostics via a built-in web server Audio/Voice
  • Evacuation with 520Hz capability
  • UL listed for Smoke Control
  • HVAC Fan and Damper Control


Network Fire Alarm Control Unit: FX-2003-12NXTDS
General Assembly Description: FX-2003-12NXTDS
Installation and Operation Manual: Network Intelligent Analog Fire Alarm and Audio System


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