Mircom MIX-100P


Intelligent Addressable Priority Monitor Module

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The Intelligent Addressable Priority Monitor Module (MIX-100P) provides an address for a group of UL/ULC Listed normally open (N.O.) initiating devices, such as heat detectors, beam smoke detectors, 4-wire smoke detectors, waterflow switches, manual pull stations, etc. wired in a Class A (Style D) or Class B (Style B) initiating circuit. The MIX-100P is equipped with a priority interrupt to provide a fast response to emergency conditions. The MIX-100P has an activated red LED.


Weight 1.00 lbs
Dimensions 4.00 × 4.00 × 1.30 in

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MIX-100 Series; Alpha Intelligent Addressable Modules
Mircom – Data Sheet


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