Mircom MS-710AP

Advanced Protocol Intelligent Key Resettable Dual Action Manual Station, Bilingual

Condition: New
Brand: Mircom
Status: Active
SKU: 49462
Manufacturer Part #: MS-710AP


Mircom’s MS-700AP Series Advanced Protocol Intelligent Manual Stations are made of a high quality, die-cast metal and include a permanently attached intelligent module. These intelligent manual stations have a pair of rotary decimal switches which allow for two digit address setting. Pulling the handle initiates the operation of the intelligent module.

The manual stations are available with CAT-30 keys and mount on a standard single gang backbox, Mircom model BB-700 interior surface metal backbox, or BB-700WP weather proof backbox.

The MS-710AP is a dual action manual station with a key reset. The MS-702AP is a single action manual station that includes an additional General Alarm (G.A.) N.O. switch. For safety reasons, the G.A. switch is only accessible after the handle has been pulled. A special key is supplied with each unit.

Mircom’s Advanced Protocol (AP) devices use a high speed communication protocol that greatly increases the speed of communication between the intelligent devices. Mircom’s Advanced Protocol uses a superior group polling method as well as an interrupt feature that provide for a faster response to an alarm condition. In addition, the Advanced Protocol allows for greater system capacity with support for up to 318 devices per SLCcircuit. TheAPdevicesarebackwardscompatible to operate in CLIP mode for legacy system applications.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 2.90 × 3.56 × 4.93 in



Die-Cast Metal


Rotary Dials


Dual-Action, Key Reset



Production Status



  • Key resettable
  • Permanently attached intelligent addressable module. Two stage model is equipped with an intelligent module that provides two addresses for 1st and 2nd stage operation
  • Rotary switches for direct-dial entry of address. Each unit can have address set for 01-159 for Advanced Protocol mode and 01-99 for CLIP mode
  • High-gloss red enamel finish
  • Plastic break rod
  • Meets ADA 5 lb. maximum manual-force
  • Mounts on standard single gang box, Mircom’s BB-700 surface metal backbox or BB-700WP weather proof backbox
  • Bilingual versions


Advanced Protocol Intelligent Manual Stations: MS-700AP Series
Installation Sheet: MS-700AP(U) Series Fire Alarm Manual Station


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