Mircom QAA-5230-70/25


Field Selectable 70 or 25 Volt Dual 30 Watt Amplifiers

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The QAA-5230, QAA-5230S and QAA-5230S-525 Ampli­ers may operate as 70V or 25V ampli­ers. THE DEFAULT VOLTAGE IS 70V. To change the ampli­er to 25V, remove the orange molex plugs (labelled MD-787) found in J8 and J9 and replace them with the blue plugs (labelled MD-788) provided with the ampli­er, one blue molex plug into J8 and one into J9. Refer to Figure 1 below for molex plug locations


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Voltage Selection and Backup Amplifier Instructions
Mircom – Data Sheet


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