Mircom QX-MINI


Master Panel Microphone Main Display Main Board

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The QX-mini is an emergency and fire alarm audio system designed to provide notification for small to medium applications. The QX-mini supplies 30W for audio output and 5A for Notification Appliance Circuits (NAC). The optional 30 Watt Amplifier Module increases audio output to 60W. Notifications can be sent using stored digital message recordings, the master microphone, or remote microphones. The QX-mini comes with standard notifications and can store up to 14 messages for a total of 12 minutes of digital message recordings. Up to six remote microphones and/or LOCs can be connected to the QX-mini. The QX-mini operates either as a stand-alone audio system or as part of a fire alarm system. Conventional fire alarm systems control the QX-mini with relays. Mircom compatible Fire Alarm Control Panels can control the QX-mini using Signalling Line Circuit (SLC). Optional Booster Panels provide support for a distributed system. These Booster Panels act as true slaves to the master with respect to Outputs. All Inputs, Microphones and User interfaces are disabled on Booster Panels and they cannot be programmed through the configuration software. Up to five Booster Panels can be connected to a QX-mini.

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  • Up to 60 watts per enclosure (2 X 30W amplifiers) and up to 300 watts per system
  • 2 X 2.5A regulated 24V output for horns and strobes (NAC). System expandable to 12 X 2.5A
  • Class A or Class B Speaker and NAC wiring
  • Field selectable 25V or 70.7V audio output
  • Comes with standard digital messages for fire, emergency, evacuation, weather, and all clear
  • Select from up to 14 digital messages at the panel
  • Custom message upload using the software configurator
  • Stores up to 12 minutes of audio messages
  • Master microphone input with push-to-talk (PTT)
  • Supports up to 6 remote microphones and/or LOCs
  • Use as a separate audio system or as part of a fire alarm system
  • Two inputs for activation by conventional fire alarm systems using relays
  • Two strobe inputs for synchronization and activation
  • Signalling Line Circuit (SLC) input for activation and communication with Mircom compatible Fire Alarm Control Panels
  • Battery backup (up to 75AH charge capacity)
  • Dedicated Trouble, AC Fail, and Alarm relay outputs
  • Audio system supports up to 6 panels in total (one Master Panel with 5 Booster Panels)
  • 12 expandable up to 36 Programmable Switches
  • Auxiliary 24V supply (up to 0.2A)


Emergency Communication System; QX-MINI
Mircom – Data Sheet


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