Napco GEM-RP8


Keypad LED Alphanumeric 32 Character 2 Zone

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Your system consists of a control panel (a computer housed within a white metal panel enclosure), one or more GEMINI Decorator Keypads for controlling the system, and various security detection devices. These detection devices are divided among separate areas known as “zones”, set up throughout your premises. Each zone number corresponds to a Zone light on your Keypad’s display area. When a zone’s number is ON (or lit), it indicates that one or more detection device(s) assigned to that area are active or open. For example, if Zone 1 is the front door, and it is open, the 1 on the keypad display will be lit. If zone 2 is a motion detector, and there is movement in that area, 2 will light. Depending upon the actual layout your security professional has chosen to properly protect your premises, each zone may function a little differently: The zone protecting your front door may be programmed as an Exit/Entry zone to allow you time to enter the premises and disarm the system, without inadvertently sounding the alarm. Alternatively, a zone protecting a window could be designated as an “instant” zone, so that if it is entered or opened while the system is on/armed, there will be an immediate alarm.






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