Nohmi FRRU004-MCM


Miniature Contact Module

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The Miniature Contact Module (FRRU004-MCM) is used to monitor the contact status of an initiating device that contains a normally open contact. The FRRU004-MCM can be programmed in the panel to supervise either a Normally-open or Normally-closed contact on the Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP). When the Normally-open contact is selected, and the contact is closed, the FRRU004-MCM reports its condition to FACP. Likewise when the Normally-closed contact is set to a supervising condition, and the contact is opened, the FRRU004-MCM reports its condition to FACP. FRRU004-MCM supervises an open circuit of wiring connected to the terminal C and NO (NC) contact. The FRRU004-MCM is generally used to monitor pull stations and other devices where the module is installed in an electrical box or enclosure. The contact utilizes a terminal block that is covered in accordance with UL requirements to protect from inadvertent shorts and ground faults.


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Dimensions 0.29 × 2.32 × 2.58 in




  • NFPA Class A (Styles 6 & 7) and Class B (Style 4) for SLC
  • NFPA Class B (Style B) for IDC
  • Electronic address setting
  • Mini-sized unit
  • Easy installation


FRRU004-MCM; Miniature Contact Module
Nohmi – Data Sheet