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Addressable Relay Module with FlashScan

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The FRM-1 Addressable Relay Module provides the system with a dry-contact output for activating a variety of auxiliary devices, such as fans, dampers, control equipment, etc. Addressability allows the dry contact to be activated, either manually or through panel programming, on a select basis.

FlashScan® (U.S. Patent 5,539,389) is a communication protocol developed by NOTIFIER Engineering that greatly enhances the speed of communication between analog intelligent devices. Intelligent devices communicate in a grouped fashion. If one of the devices within the group has new infor- mation, the panel CPU stops the group poll and concentrates on single points. The net effect is response speed greater than five times that of other designs.

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  • Built-in type identification automatically identifies these devices to the control panel.
  • Internal circuitry and relay powered directly by two-wire SLC loop. The FCM-1(A) module requires power (for horns, strobes, etc.), or audio (for speakers).
  • Integral LED “blinks” green each time a communication is received from the control panel and turns on in steady red when activated.
  • LED blink may be deselected globally (affects all devices).
  • High noise immunity (EMF/RFI).
  • The FCM-1(A) may be used to switch 24-volt NAC power, audio (up to 70.7 Vrms).
  • Wide viewing angle of LED.
  • SEMS screws with clamping plates for wiring ease.
  • Direct-dial entry of address 01– 159 for FlashScan loops, 01 – 99 for CLIP mode loops.
  • Speaker, and audible/visual applications may be wired for Class B or A (Style Y or Z).


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