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Addressable Carbon Monoxide Detector, White

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FSCO-951 and FSCO-951A are intelligent, addressable carbon monoxide (CO) detectors with integral communication to provide point location for alarm communication and selective maintenance. These detectors have point ID capability that enables each detector address to be set with rotary address switches providing exact device locations. The modern design and expanded color options support contemporary aesthetic demands. In addition, each detector is constructed for exceptional installation and maintenance efficiency. The FSCO-951 incorporates carbon monoxide (CO) detection principles meeting the UL 2075 standard for system-connected life safety carbon monoxide detection. FSCO-951A meets Canadian standard CAN/ULC-S588. As an addressable detector, additional modules are not needed for point ID which streamlines the installation process. This allows you to upgrade your addressable fire system to meet new CO code requirements in applications with fuel burning equipment such as furnace areas and laundry rooms.

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  • Intelligent CO detector
  • Automatic drift compensation of CO cell
  • RealTest® CO testing capability
  • UL 2075 listed
  • Canadian standards CAN/ULC-S588
  • Audible signal for CO alarm when used with a B200S/B200SCOA series base
  • 10-year CO cell with end-of-life warning and fault
  • New modern profile
  • Expanded color options


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Addressable Carbon Monoxide Detectors; FSCO-951(A)


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