Notifier FWSG


The FWSG is a gateway for use with SWIFT devices and ONYX series panels


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Brand: Notifier
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Manufacturer Part #: FWSG


NOTIFIER’s SWIFT wireless mesh is integrated with current ONYX panels to create flexible wired/wireless intelligent fire detection. SWIFT Wireless devices are similar in appearance to corresponding intelligent FlashScan wired devices, and have the capabilities of ONYX intelligent sensing. A robust SWIFT wireless mesh network uses a unique protocol with redundant supervised communication paths that is UL approved for Class A operation. The FWSG (FlashScan Wireless Gateway) provides the communication path between an ONYX series panel and SWIFT devices.

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Dimensions 7.87 × 7.87 × 1.87 in



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  • Wireless Class A mesh network
  • Hybrid wired/wireless system
  • System automatically creates the strongest signal path
  • Each device acts as a repeater
  • Site Survey function
  • Rotary address switches


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FWSG(A); SWIFT Wireless Gateway


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