Notifier MMX-1

Monitor Module

  • Material Obsolete
Brand: Notifier Part #: 037607 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: MMX-1


MMX-1(A) Monitor Modules provide a two-wire, or four-wire fault-tolerant, initiating circuit for normally open contact fire alarm and supervisory devices, or either normally open or normally closed security devices. The LED indicator can be latched on or returned to the normal mode by code command from the panel. Rotary decade switches are used to set the address of each module.


Weight 0.30 lbs
Dimensions 1.25 × 4.00 × 4.50 in

Production Status

Product Notes

Replacement: FMM-1


MMX-1(A) Monitor Module, CMX-2(A) Control Module, and ISO-X Fault Isolator Module
Notifier – Installation Instructions


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