Notifier MMX-102E

The Notifier MMX-102E Micro Monitor Module

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Brand: Notifier Part #: 80916 Category: Manufacturer Part #: MMX-102E


The Notifier MMX-102E Micro Monitor Modules is an Addressable Input Interface unit specifically designed for use with Notifier Analog Addressable Fire Alarm Systems. These modules monitor a single input device circuit of normally-open, dry-contact alarm activation devices. These modules use one of 99 available module addresses on a loop and respond to regular polls from the control panel reporting its type and the status (open/normal/short) of its input device circuit.Two rotary switches enable direct dial entry of DECADE address (01-99) and a label is provided to mark the loop number, address, and device type.A flashing LED on module indicates that module is in communication with control panel.


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  • Analog addressable communications
  • Built-in type identification automatically identifies this device as a monitor module to the control panel
  • Stable communication technique with high noise immunity
  • Rotary DECADE 01 to 99 address switches
  • Common mounting for control, monitor, isolator, and conventional zone monitor
  • Visible LED blinks every time the module is addressed (optional), and illuminates steady on alarm
  • Powered directly by 2-wire loop. No additional power required

MMX-1E & MMX-102E; Monitor & Micro Monitor Analogue Addressable Module

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