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Mounting Kit For NCA-2 To The CHS2-M2

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The NOTIFIER NCA-2 is a second-generation Network Control Annunciator for the NOTI•FIRE•NET™ network, compatible for use with ONYX® Series nodes such as the NFS2-3030, NFS-3030, NFS-320, NFS-640 and NFS2-640 fire alarm control panels, and first-generation NCA Network Control Annunciators. Additionally, the NCA-2 may be configured with DVC Series products to create one or more Digital Audio Command Centers on NOTI•FIRE•NET. The NCA-2 provides system control and display capabilities for all, or for selected network nodes. The NCA-2 display consists of a 640-character backlit LCD display, and a control interface consisting of “soft” keys used to navigate screen menus, “hard” keys with fixed control functions, and a QWERTY keypad. When connected to one or more networked panels the NCA-2 provides network control and status/history display capabilities. It may also be configured as the Primary Display for displayless nodes on the network.

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  • Certified for seismic applications when used with the appropriate seismic mounting kit.
  • Approved for Marine applications when a marine-listed version is used with marine-listed compatible equipment. See DN-60688.
  • Full supervision of all inputs and network integrity.
  • Enhanced-format 640-character LCD display with backlighting.
  • ACS bus for LED or graphic annunciators (EIA-485).
  • Optically isolated printer interface (EIA-232).
  • 11 LED status indicators: Power, Controls Active, Fire Alarm, PreAlarm, Security, Alert, Supervisory, Trouble, Signal, Silence, CPU Failure, Point Disabled, Other Event.
  • Alphanumeric QWERTY rubber keypad.
  • Four status relays: Alarm, Trouble, Supervisory, Security (Form-C).
  • Nonvolatile real-time clock can be synchronized with network by master node.
  • Optional Security Keyswitch enables keypad functions.
  • Optional Security Tamper switch.
  • Supports up to 32 remote ACS annunciators and modules.
  • Requires 24 VDC, and a network connection.
  • RDP port for LCD-160 or terminal mode LCD2-80.


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Network Control Annunciator; NCA-2 ONYX Series


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