Notifier SBB-D4R


Backbox assembly, four tiers, RED

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Brand: Notifier Part #: 55347 Categories: , , Manufacturer Part #: SBB-D4R


All cabinets for NOTIFIER fire alarm control panels are fabricated from 16-gauge steel. The cabinet assembly consists of two basic parts: a backbox and a locking door. Cabinets are available in either black or red, with or without windows. The window model provides a tasteful combination to accent the decor of the finest lobby setting.


Weight 40.00 lbs



  • The key-locked door is provided with a pin-type hinge, two keys and the necessary hardware to mount the door to the backbox.
  • The backbox has been engineered to provide ease-of- entry for the installer. Knockouts are positioned at numerous points to aid the installer in bringing a conduit into the enclosure with a minimum of hardship.
  • Right- or left-hand hinges, selectable in the field. Door opens 180°.
  • Cabinets are arranged in four standard sizes, A (one tier) through D (four tiers), plus a mini cabinet (AA, one tier without a battery compartment). See Ordering Information.
  • A trim ring option is available for semi-flush mounting.
  • Chassis bridge available for assembling multiple CHS-4 chassis external to the backbox.
  • Certified for seismic applications when used with the appropriate seismic mounting kit.

CAB-4 Series Cabinets; ONYX® Series Backboxes with Locking Doors


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