Notifier SDX-751

Intelligent Photoelectric Detector

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Brand: Notifier Part #: 68280 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: SDX-751


The NOTIFIER SDX-751 (photo) and CPX-751 (ion) are analog, addressable, low-profile (height measures only 1.66″/ 42.164 mm) smoke detectors designed for the NFS-3030, AM2020, AFP1010, NFS-640, AFP-400, AFP-300, AFP-200, and System 5000 (when equipped with an AIM-200 module). Because the SDX-751 and CPX-751 are addressable, the control panel can provide fire fighters with a pinpoint description of where the fire is located. The SDX-751 and CPX751 are also analog devices. The control panel is capable of not only knowing the detector’s location but exactly how much smoke is in the chamber of the detector. The detector may be set for different sensitivity settings appropriate to the environment of its location.


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CPX-751 and SDX-751; Low-Profile Intelligent Low-Profile Intelligent Plug-in Smoke Detectors


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