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Confirmed Temperature Initiation Linear Heat Detectors w/ Connectors

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Brand: Protectowire Part #: 81011 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: CTIC


The Protectowire family of Confirmed Temperature Initiation Linear Heat Detectors are advanced multi-sensor detectors consisting of models with alarm temperatures ranging from 135°F (57°C) to 356°F (180°C). Each detector is comprised of two special metallic alloy conductors individually insulated with a heat sensitive polymer. The insulated conductors are twisted together to impose a spring pressure between them, then wrapped with a protective tape and finished with a durable flame retardant outer jacket. The detectors are fixed temperature digital sensors that are capable of initiating an alarm signal. Once exposed to the rated temperature the heat sensitive polymer yields to the inherent spring tension allowing the conductors to move into contact with each other, thereby creating a short circuit temperature measuring junction point. A CTM Module is required to supervise all CTI Linear Heat Detectors. The CTM interface module is designed to detect a short circuit and enter a heat measuring thermocouple mode.


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Protectowire CTI™ Confirmed Temperature Initiation Linear Heat Detectors

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