Power Supply 12/24V 2A

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Access control system power requirements are uniquely different from other systems. Unlike camera system power requirements, access control systems draw more current for locking hardware and during access control-related events. 75 – 85% of access control operating problems and technical support calls are due to power issues. Access control systems require steady and clean (filtered) low-voltage DC current with surge suppression to protect printed circuit boards and connected devices from damage due to dirty power (transients and voltage spikes). SDC power supplies have been developed specifically to help reduce power system issues and to support electric locks and access control requirements. Our hybrid design combines the efficiency of switching power supplies with the inductive load handling capability of linear power supplies in various 12/24 VDC current output capabilities and enclosure sizes. Filtering and output voltage regulation provide protection and ensure the longevity of all system components.

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2 Amp Power Controllers; 632 Series
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