Siemens ABHW-4S


Audible (Sounder) Base [designed for sleeping areas]

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Brand: Siemens Part #: 72162 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: ABHW-4SSecondary Part #: S54320-F14-A1


The Model ABHW-4S Audible Base from Siemens Industry Inc. is an intelligent, supervised detector base designed for use in sleeping areas of a building. Each Model ABHW-4S base generates a 520 Hz square-wave audio signal, complying with NFPA 72 Standard, as well as UL / ULC Listed applications. Model ABHW-4S provides six (6) field-configurable tone patterns: two (2) volume levels are used with compatible Siemens detectors and FACPs. Steady; Temporal 3 pattern; Temporal 4 pattern; Temporal 4 with low-power; March Time 120, and Canadian March Time 30 are supported by each intelligent audible base for sleeping areas.


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Intelligent Audible (Sounder) Base; Model ABHW-4S
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