Siemens CAB-BATT


Enclosure For 100Ah Batteries

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  • Factory New
Brand: Siemens Part #: 72207 Category: Manufacturer Part #: CAB-BATT


The FireFinder XLS fire alarm enclosures (Models CAB1, CAB2, and CAB3) and their accessories provide a complete set of hardware for mounting all FireFinder XLS main system and remote transponder cards and modules. The hardware allows the FireFinder XLS system to be configured for a wide variety of applications, and allows for future system upgrades. Included in the enclosure series are backbox and door sets, removable mounting plates and clear lenses, louvered ventilation grill plates, and blank plates for use with the enclosure doors. All enclosures come with ground straps for the inner and outer doors, shield termination lugs, grounding lugs, and tie wrap lances for securing wire. All enclosures can also mount system backup batteries up to 31AH in capacity.




FireFinder XLS: Fire Alarm Enclosures & Equipment


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