Siemens CC-5


Cardcage (5 Slots) For All Cards Backbox-2 Pstns

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All cards plugged into the Model CC-5 card cage communicate with other modules of the Cerberus PRO Modular system panel ─ via a common, 60-pin data bus. This 60-pin bus runs through the card cage; making all communication data buses and signals available to all cards. Connectors are provided on the left and right side of Model CC-5 to connect a 60-pin cable for communications with the Cerberus PRO Modular system operator interface, power supplies and amplifiers modules. There are no active components on Model CC-5. Field wiring to all devices and circuits terminates at the Model CC-5 card cage. All cards, which are designed for use with Model CC-5, route their field wiring terminations to the ‘top’ of Model CC-5. These connections are all power-limited.





Card Cage – 5 Slots; Model CC-5
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