Siemens DT-135R


Thermal Fire Detector, Rate-of-Rise/Fixed Temperature, 135°F

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The Siemens Building Technologies ─ Fire Safety Division Thermal Fire Detectors are fixed temperature or a combination of fixed-temperature / rate-of-rise type. The combination detectors consist of two, independently operated thermal elements. The rate-of-rise element is self-restoring. However, the fixed temperature is of the non-restoring type.

Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc., recommends the combination-type thermal detector be used to protect a maximum of 2,500 square feet (50-foot spacing), and the fixed-temperature type be used to protect a maximum of 625 square feet (25-foot spacing). However, job conditions and engineering judgment often dictate closer spacing to provide faster detection.


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Replacement: 5601P


Thermal Fire Detectors
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