Siemens FC2025-US


252-Point Fire System with 170 Watt Power Supply and standard operator interfaces

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The Desigo Fire Safety 252-point (Model FC2025) / 504-point (FC2050) addressable FACP is designed to meet the fire-protection needs of mid-size public and commercial buildings.

This advanced panel offers features typically required in mid-size buildings in a package that is easy to install. Models FC2025 and FC2050 are networkable, allowing the systems to fulfill the growing fire-protection needs of the building. The programming software for the 252 / 504-point fire systems is held in flash electrically erasable programmable read-only memory (EEPROM).


Weight 15 lbs



  • Supports 252-to-504 addressable devices:
    • Model FC2025: one (1) to four (4) ‘Class B’; one (1) to two (2) ‘Class A’
    • Model FC2050: one (1) to eight (8) ‘Class B’; one (1) to four (4) ‘Class A’
  • Includes one (1) ‘Class A’, or two (2) ‘Class B’ notification appliance circuits (NACs)
  • Releasing module supports activation of releasing valves in pre-action / deluge systems / agent release
  • Resettable and non-resettable 24VDC, [nominal] auxiliary power
  • Desigo Fire Safety Management Station can monitor and control up to 32 Models FC2025 and FC2050 FACPs
  • Digital alarm communication transmitter (DACT)
  • Connectivity to a leased-line / city-tie module
  • Fast and easy set-up with auto-configuration feature


Design Fire Safety System: Models FC2025 and FC2050
Fire Alarm Control Panel: Installation Instructions


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