Siemens FDBZ492-R


A two-wire conventional duct detector with relays designed for direct use on HVAC air-duct systems.

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The Siemens ─ Fire Safety Model ‘FDBZ’-series of air-duct-detector housings are designed for use with Siemens Model ‘H’-series, ‘FD’-series and Model OP121 detectors.  Designed for installation directly to heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) duct systems, the Model ‘FDBZ’-series of duct housings complies with National Fire Protection Association Standard (NFPA) No.’s 72 and 90A, and is Underwriters’ Laboratories Listed. 


Weight 2.00 lbs
Dimensions 2.50 × 5.00 × 14.38 in



Models FDBZ492, FDBZ492-HR, FDBZ492-R and FDBZ492-PR (with FDBZ-WT and FDBZ492-RTL), Data Sheet 6156
Siemens – Data Sheet