Siemens FP2012-U1


Power Supply 300W

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Brand: Siemens Part #: 72225 Categories: , , , Manufacturer Part #: FP2012-U1





  • 170W (Model FP2011-U1) and 300W (Model FP2012-U1) output power to fire-only and intelligent voice communication (IVC) systems
    • Model FP2011-U1 used with various Siemens fire-alarm control panels (FACPs)
    • The Model FC2025 | FC2050 addressable FACP – as well as the Model FV2025 | FV2050 IVC panel – obtain primary, regulated power from up to 300W power supplies, Model FP2012-U1
  • Operates with 120VAC or 240VAC
  • Monitors AC-power failure and ‘brownout’ conditions
  • Short-circuit or over-current protection
  • ULC Listed

170-Watt and 300-Watt Power Supplies; Models FP2011-U1, FP2012-U1


Siemens – Data Sheet