Siemens FT2014-U2


Display Remote (Black)

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Brand: Siemens Part #: 72203 Categories: , , , Manufacturer Part #: FT2014-U2


The Remote Display Terminals (Models FT2014-U2 / R2 and FT2015-U2 / R2) are remote light-emitting diode (LED) / liquid-crystal display (LCD) units that show the existing status of a Desigo 252 / 504-point system. A LED will illuminate for any given Alarm, Gas Alarm, Supervisory and Trouble Desigo-system event. A 2”-x- 4-3/4” LCD screen will give details of the event in alphanumeric form. The display screen can be scrolled to reveal additional events. Optional remote-system-control capabilities are also available.




Remote Display Terminals (with RS-485 Interface)


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