Siemens FT2050-US

Network Terminal with Standard Operator Interface

    Brand: Siemens Part #: 048084 Category: Manufacturer Part #: FT2050-US


    Model FT2050-US is the Desigo Fire Safety network terminal with standard operating interface. Model FT2050-US consists of the Fire Terminal Board (Model FTI2001-A1); the Standard Operating Unit (Model FCM2018-U2), and a Desigo one-height-unit (1HU) enclosure. Each Model FT2050-US kit also contains one (1) 2-inch -x- 4-3/4-inch Video Graphics Array (VGA) monochrome LCD screen and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for displaying system status in real time.


    Weight 5 lbs


    Design Fire Safety System: A comprehensive fire-protection system
    Fire Alarm Control Panel: Installation Instructions


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