Siemens FT924-US

Network Terminal with Standard Operator Interface

Condition: New
Brand: Siemens
Status: Active
SKU: 48092
Manufacturer Part #: FT924-US
Secondary Part #: S54400-C18-A1


The Fire Terminal (Model FT924) consists of the Fire Terminal Board (Model FTI2001-U1); the Operating Unit (Model FCM2018-U3 or Model FCM2035-U3), and a one- height-unit enclosure. Each Model FT924 terminal contains one (1) backlit, 5.1 cm. ─x─ 12.1 cm. Video Graphics Array (VGA) monochrome LCD screen with LEDs for displaying system status. An audible will sound when there are ‘unacknowledged’ events on the system. The display of each operating unit categorizes events by type, providing a separate event tab for Alarm, Emergency Alarm, Supervisory, and Trouble events. The quantity of active events of each type is listed in each event tab. The display provides two (2) full lines of text message for each event. Each event can have a 40-character custom message describing the location for a given event. In addition to the text message, the system displays the category of the active event: (e.g. – Automatic Alarm, Water Flow, Manual, etc) – the category means more to responding officials than model numbers. The Fire Terminal Boards contain the site-specific program configuration which is created in ‘Cerberus Works’.

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