Siemens HFP-11


Addressable FirePrint Fire Detector

Available With a Lead Time


The HFP-11 is a plug-in, two-wire, multi-sensor detector with both photoelectric and thermal inputs and is compatible with Fire Finder XLS and FS-250 series of control panel systems. Each detector consists of a dust resistant, field-cleanable photoelectric chamber, a solid state non-mechanical thermal sensor, and microprocessor based electronics with a low-profile plastic housing.

The HFP-11 utilizes state-of-the-art ASIC circuitry and surface mount technology for maximum reliability. Every HFP-11 fire detector is shipped with a protective dust cover. The HFP-11 fire detector utilizes an infrared light emitting diode (IRLED), and light sensing photodiode. Under normal conditions, light transmitted by the LED is directed away from the photodiode and scattered through the smoke chamber in a controlled pattern. The smoke chamber is designed to manage light dissipation and extraneous reflections from dust particles or other non-smoke airborne contaminants in such a way as to maintain stable, consistent detector operation. When smoke enters the detector chamber, light emitted from the IRLED is scattered by the smoke particles and is received by the photodiode.

Datasheet: HFP-11

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in


  • Most Sophisticated “Detector Intelligence” available today
  • Multi-Criteria fire detection for the price of a photoelectric detector
  • FirePrint Technology to discriminate between deceptive phenomena and an actual fire
  • Easily programmed to match specific hazard profiles from the control panel
  • Polarity Insensitive with SureWire Technology
  • Pre-Alarm reporting based on fire profile selected
  • Remote sensitivity measurement capability
  • System logic activation based on any of three inputs from detector (smoke, heat or neural network)
  • Detectors are self-testing, completing diagnostics every 4 seconds
  • Field cleanable chamber with replaceable chamber parts available
  • Multi-color detector status LED
  • Two-wire operation
  • Compatible Model DPU field device programmer/tester unit
  • Supports software based automatic environmental compensation
  • Optional fully programmable relay base, audible base, and duct housing
  • ULC Listed, CSFM, FM, NYMEA Approved