Siemens ILP-1

Photoelectric Smoke Detector

  • Factory New
  • Material Obsolete
Brand: Siemens Part #: 81058 Category: Manufacturer Part #: ILP-1


The Siemens ILP-1 intelligent photoelectric smoke detectors offer the fire and life safety industry the most advanced detection, programming, and communications method available today. Additionally, the ILP series detectors provide an extremely high degree of resistance to RFI, EMI, and humidity. Also, the ILP Series photoelectric detector utilizes a state-of-the-art Motorola microprocessor with “on-board” EEPROM. The microprocessor provides the power to operate the detector’s sophisticated detection, error checking, and supervision algorithms.


Weight 1.00 lbs


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Installation Instructions; Model ILP-1
Siemens – Data Sheet