Siemens MSI-10B


Single-Action Addressable Manual Fire-Alarm Box

Available With a Lead Time


The Siemens ─ Fire Safety Manual Fire-Alarm Boxes (Models MSI-10B and MSI-20B), which operate with the FireFinder XLS and MXL fire-alarm control panels (FACPs), provide the most advanced method of address programming and supervision currently available to the fire industry. Models MSI-10B and MSI-20B are the essence of an ‘intelligent initiating device’ through the built-in, microcomputer-chip technology of each box; as well as sophisticated, bi- directional communication capabilities with FireFinder XLS and MXL FACPs.

Datasheet: MSI-10B

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Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in



  • Durable Design
  • Shock and Vibration Resistant
  • Pull Down Lever Remains Down Until Reset
  • Custom Microcomputer Chip Technology
  • Dynamic Supervision
  • Reset with Allen Key
  • No Break Rods Necessary
  • Two Wire Operation
  • Surface or Semi flush Installation
  • DPU or FPI-32 Programs and Verifies Device’s Address and Tests Device’s Functionality
  • Electronic Address Programming is Easier and More Dependable
  • Single and Double Action Models Available
  • UL Listed, CSFM, FM and NYMEA Approved