Siemens PAD-5-CLSA


PAD-5 addressable NAC (Class A/B) Expansion Card

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Manufacturer Part #: PAD-5-CLSA
Secondary Part #: S54339-A6-A1


Used in conjunction with PAD-5 units, the `Class A/B’ Expansion Module (Model PAD-5-CLSA) provides additional connectivity of Siemens signaling appliances. In order for proper additional functionality, two (2) circuits, rated at 3A max., are wired as `Class A’, or four (4) circuits are wired as `Class B’. Model PAD-5-CLSA uses one (1) address on the P2 loop. The address for Model PAD-5-CLSA must be the next sequential (numerical) address to that of the connected Model PAD-5-MB main board.

The Model DPU programmer / test unit is used to program the P2 address of each Model PAD-5-CLSA. There are LED indicators for each zone, as well as for the P2 interface and for the status of the card. Additionally, Model PAD-5-CLSA can be used in Sinorix® pre-action, deluge sprinkler, or for clean-agent control. There is an on-board releasing disconnect switch that can be used to disable power to both releasing circuits, thus preventing accidental discharge of clean agent during routine maintenance.

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  • Intelligent controller resides on SLC loop
  • Four (4) ‘Class A’ or eight (8) ‘Class B’ NACs that can be mixed
  • ‘Class X’ wiring-isolator device
  • Temperature-compensated battery-charging circuits
  • ‘Trouble’ relays for remote monitoring
  • Diagnostic light-emitting diodes (LEDs)
  • Alternating Current (AC) power connection


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