Siemens PSC-12 – Used

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Power Supply and Battery Charger (12A @ 24VDC)

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Condition: Used
Brand: Siemens
Status: Obsolete
SKU: 61240
Manufacturer Part #: PSC-12
Secondary Part #: 500-033340
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The Model PSC-12 Power-Supply Charger is a high-current power supply that provides a Desigo Fire Safety Modular (Desigo Modular) panel with primary, regulated 24VDC power to operate at 12 Amps (`Alarm’ mode) / 5 Amps (`Standby’).

With its built-in battery charger – capable of charging up to 100AH batteries, Model PSC-12 is an addressable-intelligent, microprocessor-controlled power module that communicates its status to the Desigo Modular Operator Interface (OI), Model FCM2041-U2. Moreover, the panel’s OI is able to query the status of the power supply to obtain data regarding system-charging current | terminal-loading information | ground fault-conditions and more.

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 5.00 × 6.50 × 12.50 in

Siemens Industry, Inc.




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EA (Each)


Power Supply



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  • Model PSC-12 is the main-system power supply
  • Model PSX-12 is the optional, system-power-expansion module
    • Up to three (3) Model PSX-12s connected to one (1) Model PSC-12
  • PSC-12 and PSX-12 each include a Power Termination Board (Model PTB) for AC field connections
  • Model PSC-12 has a built-in charger for up to 100AH batteries
  • Main and optional power supply each has a universal AC power input: 120VAC – 240VAC @ 50 / 60Hz
  • Filtered and regulated, total output power for each power-supply type is output 12 Amps @24VDC
    • 24VDC and 6.2VDC power contact between panel and to all power modules via a 60-pin connector
    • Provides 12A | non-power-limited | 24VDC output (internal use)
    • 4-Amp, power-limited 24VDC output (external use)
    • Common `Alarm’ and `Trouble’ relays (Form `C’ rated @ 2A)
    • Two (2) programmable relays (`Form C’ rated @ 2A)
  • Any of the three (3) modules mount on back box or optional Model CAB-MP in one (1) module space
  • Ground-fault-detection circuitry for all three (3) power-equipment types
  • UL864 & CAN / ULC-S576 Listed


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