Siemens SCM-8


Switch Module, Eight (8) Switches

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Designed for use in the Siemens Modular (or FireFinder) fire alarm control panel, Model SCM-8 is an option module that provides manual control of the Emergency Voice Evacuation System or manual fire system control. Each Model SCM-8 module provides eight (8) momentary push button switches and 16 LEDs to indicate their status. Each switch is assigned two (2) LEDs and a label to indicate the programmed usage with a label. One of the LEDs assigned to each switch is a dual-color LED used to indicate what type of signal is active, and may also be lighted steady or flashing to further indicate system status. For example, zones active to the Evacuation audio channel will have the LED lighted RED and steady; zones active to the Alert audio channel will have the LED lighted RED and flashing; zones selected for paging will have the LED lighted GREEN and flashing until the microphone key is pressed; when the zone transfer confirmation message is received by the panel’s command console, the LED will change to steady GREEN, indicating that it is clear to page; telephone zones with a call-in in progress will have their LED flashing GREEN until selected at the command console at which time the LED will convert to steady GREEN, etc. This allows the operator easy, clear access to the overall system condition at all times. The second LED is amber, and is used to indicate a fault condition. Each Model SCM-8 and each switch is fully programmable and may be used to control speaker circuits and a wide range of general system functions, such as All Call, All Evac, Warden’s Page, Speaker, etc. Any number of circuits may be grouped and controlled by a single switch. Switch usage and zone groupings are assigned using the programming software, ZEUS. Every Model SCM-8 is mounted on a hinged panel, as a part of the command console enclosure.

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