Siemens SEF-MC-W


Speaker-Strobe E Flush Multi-Cd White

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Brand: Siemens Part #: 72248 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: SEF-MC-WSecondary Part #: 500-636038


The SEF Series Low Profile Speakers and Speaker Strobes are designed for high efficiency sound output, with dual voltage (25/70 VRMS) capability and field selectable taps from 1/8 to 2 watts. The low profile design incorporates a speaker mounting plate for faster and easier installation. Each model has a built-in level adjustment feature and a two (2) screw grille cover. Strobe options for wall mount models include MC multi-candela strobe with field selectable candela settings of 15/30/75/110cd or the high intensity HMC strobe with field selectable settings of 135/185cd. Ceiling mount models are available in MC-C multi-candela ceiling strobe with field selectable intensi­ties of 15/30/75/95cd or the high intensity HMC-C strobe with field selectable settings of 115/177cd. The SEF Series Speakers and Speaker Strobes provide high audio output with clear audibility and are designed to meet the critical needs of the life safety industry for ef­fective emergency voice communications, tone signaling and visible signaling to alert the hearing impaired.


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Speaker and Speaker Strobes; SEF

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