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Telephone Zone Card

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The Firefighter’s Telephone Zone Card (Model TZC-8B) is a Desigo Fire Safety Modular System option module that plugs into a Model CC-2 or Model CC -5 Card Cage, providing up to eight (8) firefighter’s telephone zones. The zones have an `off-hook’ ‘acknowledge’ tone and a Command Console `busy’ tone. Model TZC-8B also offers a means for emergency response personnel situated throughout the affected building to verbally communicate to one another during each emergency situation.


Weight 1.00 lbs



  • Eight (8) firefighters’ telephone circuits
  • Plugs into Two-Slot (Model CC-2) or Five-Slot (Model CC-5) Card Cages
  • Call-in `Acknowledge’ tone
  • Command-console `Busy’ tone
  • Warden-Page option
  • Power-limited circuits
  • UL864 & CAN / ULC-S576 Listed


Desigo® Fire Safety Modular system; Firefighters’ Telephone Zone Card Model TZC-8B
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