SigCom VECP-25


Voice Evacuation Panel w/ Power Supply; 25W

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Sigcom’s VECP Series includes the VECP-25 and VECP-50 voice evacuation control panels and the DVS-RM remote microphones. The VECP-25 provides 25 Watts of output power. The VECP-50 provides 50 Watts of output power. Both VECP controls have a built-in digital message unit, UL listed power supply, and a supervised microphone. The digital message unit includes 2 voice messages and 4 field selectable alert tones. VECP control panels provide four Class A or Class B supervised speaker circuits which are configurable for either 25 or 70.7Vrms speaker loop voltage.


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  • Connects to any FACP
  • High efficiency Class D digital amplifier
  • Activated with 24 VDC polarity reversing NAC circuit or dry-contact
  • 60 seconds of pre-recorded digital voice message
  • 4 alert tones and 2 standard voice messages with field selectable options
  • 4 supervised speaker loop outputs (Class A or B)
  • Field selectable 25/70 Vrms speaker loops
  • Integral supervised microphone
  • Optional Remote microphone – supervised
  • Dead Front locked Cabinet

Voice Evacuation Systems; VECP Series


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