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Intelligent Power Module

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The 5496 intelligent power module is the most cost-effective power supply available today. It delivers 6 amps of notification appliance circuit power and built-in synchronization for appliances from System Sensor®, Gentex®, AMSECO, and Wheelock®. The 5496’s advanced microprocessor design is years ahead of the competition. Its switch mode power supply design is up to 50% more efficient than competitive linear mode power supplies. The 5496 is a 6 amp notification power expander that provides its own AC power connection, battery charging circuit, and backup battery for use with the Honeywell Silent Knight series fire alarm control panels (FACPs). The 5496 is the cost-effective solution for powering notification appliances required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The 5496 has built-in ANSI cadence pattern. The output circuits can be programmed as notification appliance circuits, or as auxiliary power (configurable for constant, resettable, or door holder power).


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