Silent Knight SD500-SDM


Addressable Zone Module

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Brand: Silent Knight Part #: 16865 Category: Manufacturer Part #: SD500-SDM


The SD500-SDM is an addressable zone module that allows IntelliKnight fire alarm controls to interface and monitor two-wire conventional smoke detectors. The SD500-SDM allows you to assign an address to a loop of conventional detection devices. These devices can be dry contacts such as pull stations and heat detectors, or 2-wire smoke detectors. This means you can retrofit an existing building and utilize existing conventional devices. The SD500- SDM uses a 24VDC auxiliary power input to power the conventional loop, and is connected to the SLC loop via two wires. The conventional loop can be configured as Class A or Class B giving you the flexibility to handle any job.


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SD500-SDM; Two-Wire Smoke Module

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