Silent Knight SD505-6IB


6″ Isolator Base for Addressable Sensors

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Brand: Silent Knight Part #: 81109 Category: Manufacturer Part #: SD505-6IB


The SD505-6IB isolates a short circuit wiring fault on a Class A (Style 7) and Class B (Style 4) SLC loop. Normally if the FACP detects a short on the SLC loop, the entire loop can be disabled. When the SD505-6IB is attached to the loop, a short, open or ground fault occurring on the SLC loop will be detected as a trouble but all SLC devices will continue to operate. The isolator module fits underneath the SD505-6AB detector base. The SD505-6IB Line Isolator Module is compatible with Silent Knight Addressable Fire control panels. The SD505-6IB can be used onClass A (Style 7), and Class B (Style 4) wiring configurations. The SD505-6IB mounts on a standard dual gang or 4” square and Octagon electrical box. Up to 508 SD505-6IBs can be used per 5820XL, and 127 per 5808 Intelliknight systems.


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Dimensions 4.87 × 4.87 × 0.87 in

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  • Isolates a short so that the SLC loop remains operational
  • Fully supervised
  • Can be used with either Class B (Style 4) or Class A (Style 7) supervision.
  • Attaches underneath 6-inch detector base (SD505-6AB) for quick installation.
  • UL Listed.
  • CSFM Listed
  • MEA 284-91-E Vol. llI


Model SD505-6IB 6”; Isolator Base
Silent Knight – Data Sheet