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Swift Wireless Gateway

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The SWIFT® (Smart Wireless Integrated Fire Technology) Wireless System can be applied in many situations that are problematic for traditional wired devices. In cases where areas of a building are difficult or impossible to wire, visually sensitive, or have restricted access, SWIFT wireless sensors provide an efficient, reliable solution. SWIFT wireless devices communicate via a proprietary wireless mesh protocol to communicate with a Silent Knight® fire alarm system by means of a SWIFT wireless gateway. The SWIFT gateway connects to the SLC loop of a 6700, 6808, 6820/EVS panel using SK protocol. New type IDs for wireless devices are supported that allow the FACP to display all events such as alarms and trouble indications, as well as unique trouble conditions required for wireless devices. This capability eliminates the need for a supplementary annunciator for wireless event messages.


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WSK-WGI SWIFT®; Wireless Gateway-WGI
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