Simplex 2081-9027


Isolated Loop Circuit Protector

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Electrical transients caused by lightning or by disturbances on high voltage power lines are conditions that require low voltage wiring circuits to be adequately protected. This protection is most effective when placed at the location where such circuits leave or enter the building. Transient Protection. The 2081-9027 Isolated Loop Circuit Protector (ILCP) is designed to protect Simplex® Fire Alarm circuits from those electrical transients induced on wire runs that are routed external to the building. Because of its small package size, it can be easily mounted at the location that achieves maximum protection.

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  • DC power (200 mA maximum)
  • Monitor circuits
  • Audio riser circuits
  • Firefighter telephone riser circuits
  • Listed as an Isolated Loop Circuit Protector to UL 497B, Protectors for Data Communications and Fire Alarm Circuits
  • Listed as a Surge Suppressor to ULC-S527, Control Units for Fire Alarm Systems
  • For higher current ILCP applications (up to 5A), refer to Model 2081-9028 on data sheet S2081-0008


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Circuit Protection; Model 2081-9027 Isolated Loop Circuit Protector (ILCP)


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