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Overvoltage Protector

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Circuit Protection. Electrical transients caused by lightning or by disturbances on high voltage power lines can cause damage to low voltage fire alarm circuits. Proper application of 2081-9044 Overvoltage Protectors can minimize the energy from those electrical transients to a level that can be safely handled by the circuits requiring protection. This protection is most effective when placed at the locations where the circuits leave and enter buildings.

The 2081-9044 Overvoltage Protector provides multiple stages of protection against electrical transients. The small package size allows it to be easily mounted at the location that achieves maximum protection.


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Designed specifically for protection of fire alarm circuits including:

  • DC power (200 mA maximum)
  • Data communications
  • Local energy city circuit connections
  • Rugged epoxy encapsulated package

Multiple stages of protection include:

  • Line-to-Line protection and Line-to-Earth protection

Listings Reference:

  • Listed as an Overvoltage Protector to UL 864, Control Units and Accessories for Fire Alarm Systems
  • Listed as an Overvoltage Protector to ULC-S527, Control Units for Fire Alarm Systems
  • Listed as an Isolated Loop Circuit Protector to UL 497B, Protectors for Data Communications and Fire Alarm Circuits
  • Compatible with the requirements of the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70)


Circuit Protection; Model 2081-9044 Overvoltage Protector